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It’s fair to say that most first-time Deep Relief Massage Therapy guests have never heard of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage before.

There’s usually a little initial reluctance because everything about it is pretty foreign in East Texas. But that’s okay!

Once, they’ve decided to take the leap into Barefoot Massage Therapy they understand exactly why it really is the best choice for their pain relief needs.

So today I’m going to fill you in on everything you’re probably wondering about Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.

How Do You Say That Word? Ashiatsu: Aah-She-Aht-Sue
I know, it’s a mouthful so feel free to shorten it to “Ashi “ or simply barefoot massage.

What Does Ashiatsu Mean? Ashi: Foot Atsu: Pressure

What Is It? Ashiatsu is a Deep Tissue style of massage bodywork performed with the therapist standing on the table, holding overhead bars and providing massage strokes using their clean feet instead of hands.

Where Did It Come From? The origins of Ashiatsu massage are in ancient eastern cultures where massaging with feet is very common.

Why Feet? When using their feet, the therapist is able to put, up to their entire body weight directly over the muscle tissue. Because of it’s broad surface, the pressure is able to spread evenly over the foot to avoid that “pokey” feeling common to deep tissue work. These two things mean that your massage will be deeper, more effective, and less painful than traditional deep tissue massage therapy.

Are They Clean, Though? Yep. Your massage therapist will always have smooth and clean feet. They are washed and sanitized between each session. During your massage, the therapist will step off the table into sandals that are sanitized between uses.

What Does It Feel Like? You can expect slow gliding strokes, deep specific holds, and some stretching during your massage. Most people are surprised to report that it feels like the massage therapist is using their hands even though they know it’s their feet!

Is Ashiatsu Right For You? If you know that you love deep tissue massage and are free of any health issues, then Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is definitely for you!

Talk to your massage therapist about any illnesses or health conditions you’re experiencing and they’ll decide the best option for your massage care.

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Katy Davis