Deep Relief Massage Therapy



Super Dad Needs a Super Massage!

Father’s day is on it’s way just in time for Dad’s most demanding time of year.

That “honey-do” list is full of yard work and home improvement projects and his body is starting to feel the results of all that extra work.

He’s sore!

But Summer ain’t slowin’ down - and neither can Dad.

With decks to build and kids to chase, he needs a massage that’s deep enough to melt away the tension and pain built up his muscles but not a massage that leaves him more sore than before.

That’s why Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage is the perfect choice for Dad’s next gift!

The deeper pressure comfortably works layers of muscle tissue that are usually only accessible by a massage therapist using painful elbows and thumbs.

More work with less pain?

Yes! Really!

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