Deep Relief Massage Therapy


Rates & Services


“Ashiatsu” Barefoot Massage:

30 Min. - $55
60 Min. - $95
90 Min. - $140
120 Min. - $180

This massage is exactly what you need if you’re experiencing chronic pain or are recovering from a recent injury.

It’s performed with the therapist standing on the table and using their feet instead of hands to deliver deep pressure that’s perfect for relieving muscle soreness and stress.

Your barefoot massage will use a combination of slow gliding strokes, weighted compression, and stretching - all focused to address your pain and tension.


Facial Massage:

20 MIn. - $33

This treatment includes hot towels and calming essential oils, followed by a relaxing massage of the face and scalp - a favorite for anyone with frequent headaches or sinus issues!


“Ashiatsu” Foot Massage:

20 Min. - $33

If you’ve got tired and achy feet you’ll love this foot massage, including a sugar scrub and hot towels and a foot massage performed with your therapists own clean feet.

Body Scrub:


Perfect for sloughing away dead skin and restoring your natural glow, a sugar scrub is applied to your back, arms, legs, feet and removed with hot towels.

You’ll be given extra time to hop in the shower and rinse off afterward.